American Made Products

American Made Products

When our Styled Grit journey first began, we had so many ideas for who we would connect with to source our styles. Our first questions were about quality, quantities, ethical materials and finding the styles we wanted, and these things were all ever-changing. Growing and adapting to a marketplace is not easy feat, but there was one aspect of our sourcing that we were adamant about – where our products are made, and who is making them.


All of our products at Styled Grit are proudly Made in America. By purchasing our products, you can be sure you are supporting other American families, and their American dreams, just like you’re supporting ours. This “Made in America” promise is not something we take lightly. As generational California farmers, our company is built an incredible appreciation of what it takes to build something of your own in America. We honor the blood, sweat, and tears that built our amazing Country, and we are beyond proud to keep our business here, within those borders.  


We hope that when you shop Styled Grit, you know that your hard-earned money is being put back into the hands of business owners throughout our great country. This is the true American Dream, and we believe in supporting that dream from the roots.



XO Nicole

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