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Plains Necklace

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Bold Navajo Pearls. These pearls are a true work of American art dating back to the 1500's. Navajo Pearls consist of silver, hand shaped into pearls by Navajo tribes people. Each pearl is handcrafted. In our Plains necklace, these are lined in a graduating formation, really accentuating the detail of each individual pearl. Historically, Navajo Pearl necklaces have incredible traditions surrounding them, with pieces often passed down for centuries to younger generations. 


Navajo Pearls on Sterling Silver chain. 

22 Inch / 4-5-6-8mm /Sterling Silver Latch


We love the incredible quality of these Navajo pearls, and the stories of the people that create these beautiful pieces. These hand-crafted necklaces are truly a beautiful authentic piece of our American history, and we are proud to have them in our #StyledGritSummerCollection.


All of our Styled Grit pieces are handcrafted with natural stones and minerals. Please be aware that each piece may have slight color and size variations. With all hand crafted items, you can be sure each piece has been made individually just for you, by Americans here in the USA.

Accessories are all final sale. If you have additional questions or inquiries regarding these pieces, please reach out to us over email at:

Care Instructions

Hand washing is always reccomended for our soft and delicate pieces.

If you're using a washing machine, we reccomend washing on gentle and hanging dry. To retain quality, never do a high heat dry on any Styled Grit items, including denim!

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